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If you are looking 1st Year | XI | 11th Class English Chapter Wise PDF Notes for Punjab Board with latest Syllabus, You are here on right place. On this site you will get 1st Year Full book chapter wise solved and easy PDF Notes. All of that students who are appearing first time in their 1st Year board exams and will give matric first part best level solved past papers.

11th English Punjab Boards Chapter Wise PDF Notes

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  1. The Slave and a Lion
  2. The Bats Behavior Towards the fight between birds and animals
  3. A Foolish Stag
  4. Three Friends and a Bag of Gold
  5. The Two Friends and The Bear
  6. The Fox and The Goat
  7. The Hasty Messenger
  8. The Woodcutter and The Angel/Mercury
  9. The Farmer and His Three Quarrelsome sons
  10. The Hare and The Tortoise
  11. A Thirsty Crow
  12. The Robbers Turned Good Citizens
  13. The King and The Spider
  14. The Dog and The Wolf
  15. The Fisherman and The Little Fish
  16. The Old Man And His Son With Their Donkey
  17. The Imaginative Girl
  18. A Rotten Apple Spoils The Good Ones
  19. The Merchant And The Robbers
  20. The Ass in The Lion Skin
  21. The Ant and The Cricket
  22. The Mice in Council
  23. The Wolf and The Lamb
  24. The Farmer and The Snake
  25. The Tailor and The Elephant
  26. The Donkey Trapped in His Own Trick
  27. The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Wolf
  28. The Farmer and His Lazy Sons
  29. The Sick King and The Wise Dervish
  30. The Fox and The Crow

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