A Journey By Train English Short Essay

A journey, by train, a bus or aero plane always brings about a great pleasure. One can get rid of his monotonous routine work by means of traveling. It provides us an opportunity to meet our friends and relatives living far away from us. Last year I had a chance to travel by a train to attend the marriage ceremony of my cousin at Lahore. My father had already got seats reserved in advance for the whole family.

Normally we were energized with the possibility of a long travel. It was a fine morning of August when we set out for this excursion. We reached the station by a taxi. No sooner had the train arrived at the platform, than the passengers rushed frantically towards the gates of bogeys. They were shouting and pushing to one another.

Each was restless to go into the room first and involve seats. We were not at all worried because we had our seats resented. Anyhow, we got into the compartment. Our coolie, who conveyed our baggage, directed us.

The carriage was packed to suffocation. When the train began to move we sighed, with a relief. We were sitting near the window. We passed swiftly away from Karachi- Soon it reached Hyderabad where it stayed for a short while, instantly there appeared hawkers crying loudly with different articles of food. Then our train moved and speeds up.

The train was passing through the hot deserts of Sindh and when it reached the plains of Punjab we felt a joy of traveling again. We enjoyed the natural scenery that came on our way; we passed many villages, towns, green fields, gardens with cluster of fruit trees, mountains, hills and rivers etc.

All these seemed passing by in a twinkling of an eye. All these natural sights gave us an immense pleasure. Finally our train came to at Lahore station. Our cousins and others welcomed us and by their station wagon we reached home. This journey gave us entertainment and experience as well.

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