A Kind Deed You Did English Short Essay

Good deeds are appreciated by all and sundry, A good deed may be done by anyone in any walk of life. The actual performance of a good deed adds to the happiness and contentment both of the doer and of that for which it is done. The memory of a good deed executes love and gratitude.

To perform a good deed physical or moral courage requires guts and fortitude, Last year, during the summer’ Vacation, I was enjoying myself in the company of my close friends at Karli Lake. There was a great hustle and bustle of people due to holidays. The bathers were taking full advantage of the cool lake water. I also took off my clothes and plunged into rippling water. Some were sitting near the banks of water, I was enjoying the coo! bath.

Hardly had I swum for a few minutes when I heard the cries of a downing boy. His cries, in be wilderness, drew my attention. I swam towards the victim, when I happened to see him he was in precarious state. Many swimmers rushed towards the eddying waters of the lake in which the boy was engulfed, Some people, who were good divers, tried their best to rescue the victim but in their earlier attempts they failed to catch hold of the drowning boy.

I, with the speed of lighting, dived and after a hard struggle succeeded in bringing the boy and of the water, The boy was in an unconscious state. He was made to lie on the side of the bank. The people all around the site surrounded us. The parents of the boy had also arrived.

Immediately the boy was taken to the nearby dispensary’ where he was given artificial respiration & medicines. Soon the boy came back to his senses. His parents thanked God and in tears of cheerfulness they applauded and blessed me with prayers.

Everybody was looking me enviously rather they had realized that human happiness is virtually based on the spiritual nature of man which enables him to face the afflictions and calamities of life with a smiling face.

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