A Scene At A Railway Station English Short Essay

The railway station is very important place in every city. Here one can find people from ail sections of the society and all parts of the country. It definitely presents a highly colorful scene. The rich and the poor both can be seen in great hurry at the railway station.

It is full of hustle and bustle, The big railway stations like Lahore and Karachi are full of great rush all the twenty’ four hours. People belonging to a I! castes, colors,, creeds and religions mingle freely on fa railway station. Last Sunday I went to the Karachi city railway station to see off my under who was going to Lahore.

There was a great rush of passengers. Some were coming out as they had just arrived and were planning to go to their destinations, while others had to catch the train, as they were leaving the city for out station. The’ coolies in red uniforms were doing great business.

Many passengers were waiting outside the inquiry office to get certain information regarding the arrival and departure of trains. There were many stalls of different things. Tea restaurant was the most attractive place for the people and there was a heavy rush on such spots. At least on every platform people had gathered to wait the train. We found so many stalls at every platform.

All passengers seemed to be in a lorry. The hawkers were also moving up and down the. Platforms selling their goods. There were many emotional and remarkable scenes which one could see on the platforms. Some persons had come to see off their dear and near persons while others to receive their relatives. When the train moves out of the platform one could see many hands waving goodbye to their friends and relatives.

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