How To Write An Essay Important Tips

If you are looking important tips for writing English Essay you need to follow these important tips for write Essay. All most important Steps you need to follow are here. Rules of Essay Writing you will learn here, also you will learn here what to avoid in writing an Essay.

English Essay
Essay Writing Tips

Important Steps To Write English Essay

  1. Decide your topic carefully because choice of essay matters a lot.
  2. Concentrate on topic to make sure whether you can handle it or not and then decide. Experience suggests that a topic appearing interesting to you is easy to write on.
  3. Start brainstorming to generate ideas at the end of your answer sheet.
  4. Make you outline which should be concise and comprehensive. You can write variables of your outline in sentence or phrases depending on the nature of your topic.
  5. In first 25 minutes you should prepare a rough sketch of outline and introduction at the end of your sheet.
  6. While writing introduction at the end of your sheet.
  7. While writing introduction, try to throw light on the topic with logical arguments. Introduction should start with a topic sentence followed by supporting sentences. The length of introductory paragraph should be around 150 words. Usually, thesis statement constitutes the last sentence of your introductory paragraph.
  8. Thesis statement tells the reader what you will discuss in the body of essay. Give direct answer and there is no need to beat about the bush while making thesis statement.
  9. Start writing your neat outline on the first page of answer sheet. \now write your introduction. Remember to double check later your introductory paragraph for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  10. Then comes body of the essay which is written in shape of paragraphs.
  11. Discuss and prove your each argument in the shape of a paragraph. use separate paragraph for each main idea. use forward and reverse books to connect paragraph.
  12. Now it is time to conclude the discussion.Write your conclusion and try to make impact by proving your stance.
  13. Give final reading to your essay to rectify errors


Rules of Essay Writing:

  1. Essay means to attempt or discuss
  2. Give direct answer and avoid unnecessary detail
  3. You language should be simple
  4. Always try to express yourself in an elaborative manner
  5. You sentences should neither be too long nor too short
  6. Your arguments should be logical and rational
  7. There should be connectivity and coherence in your ideas and language


What to Avoid:

  1. Do not define the topic but discuss it
  2. Use of I and We is not allowed in essay
  3. Complex sentences and slang words
  4. Unauthentic facts and figures
  5. Too much idioms and phrasal verbs
  6. Never abbreviate words (don’t can’t)
  7. Informal words
  8. Do not mention contemporary political personalities and parties until necessary
  9. Avoid and extremists approach
  10. do not experiment in your essay
  11. Do not use headings
  12. Cutting and crossing leave and bad impact
  13. never forget to conclude your essay. Keep eye on the clock
  14. Do not draw maps and diagrams
  15. Illegible writing

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